A University Decree in 1873 allowed for five Curators of the University Parks, including the Vice Chancellor, to oversee the Parks. In 1892 the University Proctors were added to this body.

There are eleven Curators of the University Parks consisting of: the chairman appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, both Proctors, the Assessor; the chairman of the Buildings and Estates Subcommittee (or another member of the subcommittee nominated by its chairman), two people elected by Congregation, two people appointed by Council and up to two co-opted members.

Membership Hilary Term 2017

Office, or appointing body



Acting for the Vice-Chancellor

Revd Dr Ralph Waller, Principal of Harris Manchester College

MT 2019

The Senior Proctor

Dr Ed Bispham, Brasenose

Ex officio

The Junior Proctor

Professor Dan Hicks, St Cross 

Ex officio

The Assessor

Professor Stefan Enchelmaier, Lincoln

Ex officio

Chairman of the Buildings & Estates Sub-Committee

Professor Martin Maiden, Hertford (representing Dr Nick Brown)



Dr Huw Dorkins, St Peter's College

MT 2020


Professor Susan Llewellyn, Harris Manchester College

MT 2021


Dr Nicolas J Kruger, Pembroke College

MT 2017


Dr Amy Zavatsky, St Edmund Hall College

MT 2020


Professor Richard A Cooper, Brasenose College

MT 2023


Dr Ian R Plummer, Balliol College

HT 2023


MT = Michaelmas Term

HT = Hilary Term

TT = Trinity Term


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