Oxford Open Doors 2023

Join us to discover more about our beautiful park in the centre of Oxford

This year, we're taking part in Oxford Open Doors on 9th and 10th September 2023, where the Park’s team will be offering a number of activities and opportunities for visitors of all ages to get a more in-depth look at the Parks and how it is run. These include:

  • A display of historic photos of both the park, past teams and the machinery used
  • Guided tours of the park with the Superintendent and Deputy Head of the University Park's team
  • An up-close look at some of our tractors and ride-on mowers
  • Seed-sowing with the option of taking your newly-planted seeds home
  • Meeting with artist Emma Coleman-Jones and making your own drawings with paper, charcoal and chalk.

Timings and details:

Saturday 9th September - Superintendent talk on the history of the Parks starts at 12pm with a guided tour of the park at 2pm.

Sunday 10th September - Deputy Head’s guided tour of the Park at 2pm.

*All activities/tours begin from the Tentorium. 


Key information

When: 9 & 10th September 2023

Where: University Parks, South Parks Road, Oxford

Cost: Free

Further information: Visit our News story