What’s going on in the Hayrick border?

photo of hayrick border october

However, all borders become tired eventually, and the Hayrick is no exception.

As you may have noticed over the summer, the northern end of the border has had the plants removed. This is so the Parks team can gain control of some of the perennial weeds that have been causing a lot of problems in the last few years. We have now successfully dug out the bindweed and ground Elder while also keeping the annual weeds under control.

This week we completed the next step, using the traditional method of single digging throughout the border. This has several benefits, including relieving compacted soil and allowing us to incorporate a good quantity of our own compost, aiding moisture retention, improving soil structure and providing some nutrients. It also keeps the gardeners warm on these autumnal mornings!

We will be re-planting this area in the spring, using some plants that have been carefully chosen for the conditions there. We also aim to move on to the next section of the border and repeat the process during the winter and spring.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with the Parks office.

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