Mesopotamia route into Parks re-opened

The entrance into Mesopotamia from the University Parks has been re-opened after a short closure for essential tree maintenance work.

This means visitors can once again use this route to get to Marston Road via King's Mill Lane, even though the cycle path crossing Marston Meadows - usually the main cycle route in this direction - remains closed by the Council for maintenance work.

Please note that the University Parks team do not manage the Marston Meadows cycle path, which is leased to and operated by Oxford City Council. The University therefore does not make decisions on when it will be closed.

The Mesopotamia path was recently closed for one day to enable work to be done safely on nearby trees, leaving only the High Bridge route across the Meadows open for access. Unfortunately this created problems for local residents, significantly increasing the travel distance between Marston and the city centre while the Marston Meadows cycle path was also closed. Having been made aware of this issue the Parks team have re-opened the route, and will carry out the tree work at a later date once the cycle path is open again.

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