Rules and Advice

The University’s Security Services team keeps order in University Parks and enforces the Parks' rules. Security Services can be contacted on 01865 272944 or on 01865 289999 in an emergency. Alternatively, there is an emergency telephone at the South Lodge in a grey box next to the front door. After picking up the handset, press 4 to speak directly with the Security team.

It is essential that all visitors understand and adhere to our guidelines and ensure that they leave University Parks by closing time.

Please consider your personal safety and the safety of others at all times

The Parks’ rules help to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. The most critical of these are detailed below, however any inappropriate behaviour, including misuse or damage to University property, will be referred to the University’s Security Services team.

Please note that all Oxford University Security Officers and University Parks staff have the authority to cycle through University Parks to enable them to carry out their duties.


No vehicles without permission
No tree climbing
No cycles or cycling
No swimming, jumping or diving into the river or pond
Keep dogs under control and deposit dog waste in the bin provided
Deposit litter in the bins provided



Risk of falling branches
Some pathways have uneven surfaces
The river and pond have water of variable depth
Some plants and seeds are irritants, and some are poisonous


Always protect University Parks and its natural environment

Any behaviour which causes, or threatens to cause, damage to University property or the Parks’ environment is strictly prohibited. Please be aware of the following:

  • The public are not allowed to remove wild animals, plants, flowers or seeds

  • Fishing in the waters adjoining the Parks is by permit only (contact:

  • Sale of goods within the Parks, or at the entrances to the Parks, is by permit only (email requests to: or write to Administration Officer, University Parks, South Lodge, South Parks Road, OX1 3RF)

  • Sports pitches must not be used for unauthorised games. Areas for informal games are marked by white posts

  • Sound amplification systems are not permitted in the Parks

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