Convolvulus cneorum

Normally the mere mention of bindweed strikes fear into a gardener’s soul. Never fear, though, the Shrubby Bindweed(Convolvulus cneorum) is benign and non-invasive compared to its rampant wild cousin, which can take over whole borders if left unchecked. The plant originates from the Mediterranean but can now be seen growing in the borders around the recently-completed Kellogg College Hub. It’s a hardy, small spreading evergreen shrub that will grow to around 60cm tall. It has attractive, narrow, silver and green leaves and funnel-shaped, white flowers up to 4cm wide. It normally flowers throughout the summer; in a sheltered spot like the one it has at Kellogg, it can continue all the way into late autumn. It likes a position in full sun and can be quite drought tolerant; it is also quite happy in a container. Propagate with semi-hardwood cuttings.

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