Vitis coignetiae, the Crimson Glory Vine

Vitis coignetiae, the Crimson Glory Vine, is a member of the Vitaceae family that originally hails from Japan and Korea. It’s a very strong tendril-clinging climber, with large, slightly lobed leaves up to 30cm long. These are deep green during the summer, before providing a wonderful autumn display of reds and purples. In the Parks these plants are grown through trees, for example hollies, but they can also be grown on a trellis and can reach over 12 metres.

They like full or partial shade and do best in a sheltered aspect in well-drained soil; they can suffer from wind scorch if they are too exposed. They are best pruned in the winter and can be propagated through layering or via hardwood cuttings. You can see them growing along the West Walk in the University Parks.

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