The Tridel Berry

Rubus ‘Benenden’, the Tridel Berry, grows in the borders around the Tentorium in the University Parks; it is currently in flower and has been for several weeks. A member of the Rosaceae family, it is a vigorous medium to large deciduous shrub. It will grow to around 2.5 metres tall with a similar spread. It has graceful arching stems, with interesting peeling bark which can be enjoyed fully in the winter after the leaves fall. The flowers are pure white, up to 5cm across with a pretty yellow centre. The leaves, meanwhile, may remind you of one of its relatives, the blackberry. It is quite a robust shrub and will tolerate full sun or partial shade and either a sheltered or exposed location. It does prefer moist, well-drained soil, but apart from that it looks after itself and needs little or no pruning, making it ideal for growing at the back of a large border. Propagate with softwood cuttings in the early summer, after flowering.

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