The European Larch

Larix decidua, the European Larch, is a member of the Pinaceae (pine) family that grows along the West Walk in the Parks. Showing great autumn colour currently, these beautiful Larches are deciduous conifers with a graceful conical habit. They have creamy young shoots which mature into light green needle-like leaves that turn a vivid yellow in the autumn, and produce small cones which are around 4cm tall. These are quite large trees, growing to about 30m tall, and can live more than 250 years. They are hardy, tolerating a range of aspects and coping well with an exposed site. The soil does need to be deep and well drained, though. They don’t require pruning and are generally free of pests and diseases, although the fungal disease ‘Larch Canker’ can be a problem. They are ideal as specimen trees where they have room to grow. Propagate by sowing seed in early spring.


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