Forsythia intermedia

Forsythia × intermedia is a member of the Oleaceae family that grows around the Tentorium borders in the Parks. It is a deciduous shrub, growing to around 3 metres tall with simple, often deep green, slightly lobed leaves. The most impressive feature, though, is the masses of vivid yellow flowers. These appear before the leaves emerge and give a great display. There are around 38 different varieties of Forsythia. In general the plants do best in a sunny position with moist but well-drained soil. They can tolerate exposed sites, but excessive exposure can cause leaf scorch. They benefit from a reasonably hard prune after flowering. Forsythia are generally pest-free, although they can be affected by an interesting growth problem on some stems known as fasciation – if this strikes, though, simply prune out the affected stems. The plant is easy to propagate by taking semi ripe hardwood cuttings.

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