Dogwood ‘Midwinter Fire’

Cornus sanguinea, Dogwood ‘Midwinter Fire’, is a member of the Cornaceae family that can be seen in the North Lodge Borders of the University Parks. It is a medium sized, spreading, deciduous shrub that will grow to around two metres tall. It has impressive orange-red and yellow stems, which provide dazzling winter colour, with oval leaves and insignificant white flowers in the summer. ‘Midwinter Fire’ is hardy and does best in full sun or partial shade. It doesn’t mind an exposed site but prefers well-drained soil. The key to getting the best winter colour out of the plant is pruning. Once established, prune specimens hard to between 50cm and a metre from the ground in late March or early April. By doing this you will force them to produce strong new growth which provides the stunning colour. The plant can be propagated by hardwood cuttings in the autumn.

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