Darmera peltata, the Indian Rhubarb

Darmera peltataIndian Rhubarb, is a member of the Saxifragaceae family that grows in large clumps in the borders around the pond at the University Parks. It is a vigorous rhizomatous perennial with delicate star-shaped white-pink flowers that appear on stems about 1.5 metres tall before the leaves develop. The leaves are around 45cm across and dark green, turning bright red in autumn. The plant loves damp, boggy soil in full sun or partial shade. It does form extensive clumps though, so give it plenty of space. Although it is hardy, a sheltered spot will stop the flowers being damaged by strong winds. You can control its spread by dividing in the spring, which is also a good way to propagate it. Remove the dead flower spikes after flowering.


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