Cuphea ‘Torpedo’

Cuphea ‘Torpedo’ common named Bat faced Cuphea, can be found within the University Parks, Hayrick Border. A seldom used bedding plant in the UK, although popular in America for attracting Hummingbirds. It is a tender, mound forming plant which will grow to approximately 50cm its flowers are usually around 4cm in length and are bright red with purple flecks giving the appearance of a bats face, they freely flower from early June through till the first frosts.

They do best in full sun or partial shade and are particularly stunning in containers. They need well drained, moist soil and prefer and slightly sheltered position. They require little in the way of care and are not really bothered by many pests. They do attract pollinators well. They are tender, so will die with the first frosts. Although not widely available, they can be found from smaller nurseries in the spring.

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