Clerodendrum bungei

Clerodendrum bungei, commonly known as the Glory Flower, is part of the Lamiaceae family that you can see growing in the North Walk island beds in the Parks. These are hardy, large, deciduous shrubs with unpleasant-smelling deep green ovate (egg-shaped) leaves. They will reach around 2.5 metres tall and develop panicles of sweet-scented pink flowers in late summer – often large ones. The flowers on our specimens in the Parks seem to be progressing faster than normal this year, possibly due to the heat. If you plant a Clerodendrum, give it plenty of space! It will sucker – these suckers can be removed at any time, although it’s easiest when they are small. The plant likes a sunny, sheltered position, but will tolerate partial shade. The soil should be moist but well drained. This is an ideal plant for a large shrub border. It needs little pruning other than to remove dead, diseased or dying branches. Do any additional pruning in late winter or early spring. The plant can be propagated in several ways – from seed in the spring, from suckers in the autumn or semi ripe cuttings (with bottom heat) in the summer. To learn more, see the RHS website

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