Choisya × dewitteana 'Aztec Pearl'

Choisya × dewitteana 'Aztec Pearl', also known as the Mexican Orange, is a member of the Rutaceae family that is currently looking beautiful in the grounds of Begbroke Science Park. It is a medium-sized evergreen shrub which grows to around 2.5 metres tall. It has narrow deep green leaves and flowers in spring and again in autumn, often in great abundance. The buds are flushed with pink. The plant is fairly hardy, but much prefers a sunny, sheltered spot; it is quite tolerant of drought once established. It needs little pruning, except to remove any dead or dying wood, and is ideal as a mid-border plant. Snail damage to the leaves can be a problem, but the plant is generally quite robust. Propagate from semi-ripe cuttings in late summer.

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