Anemone × hybrida

Anemone (Commonly pronounced An-nen-a-me) are vigorous upright perennials, with suckering shoots. They have mid to deep green three oval leaflets. The pretty pale pink flowers can be up to 9cm across in the late summer and early autumn. They grow to approximately 1 metre tall and die back in the late autumn and winter before re-emerging in the spring.

Located within the University Parks, Hayrick Border, they are tolerant of most conditions, preferring a soil that is moist but free draining, they don’t like to be sat in water. Anemone can have a rather thuggish habit, so ensure any stray plants are dug out as soon as possible or they can overrun a border quite quickly. They do well in full sun or partial shade and don’t suffer from many pests, powdery mildew can be a problem on the leaves, if this occurs, remove the affected leaves and burn, do not compost them. Cut foliage down in the autumn as it starts to die off. Ideal for the middle of an herbaceous or cottage style planting, providing some welcome late colour.

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